Upgrade Policy

1. Minor version upgrades (e.g. version 1.1 to version 1.3) and patch releases are always free. Simply send us an e-mail or contact us requesting the update and we will send you the upgrade files (Make sure to keep a record of your Order ID).

2. Major version upgrades (e.g. version 1.3 to 2.0) If you buy a license, and we release a new major version within the 60 days of your purchase, either (a) you will be entitled to receive the new version free of charge or (b) we will give you a discount allowing full credit for the amount you paid for the old version against a purchase of the new version. Otherwise, you will be able to upgrade to the newest major version for a small fee.

Upgrade Ordering

If you want to upgrade and you are a licensed user, please send us an email ( including your Order ID number and URL where you are using the application and specify that you would like to upgrade to the current version.

Note: We will verify all upgrade requests in order to verify its license compliance and see whether it qualifies for a free or discounted fee upgrade.

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Why Teraway Solutions
  • All our applications have been developed using Dreamweaver MX

  • Our applications can be used with Microsoft Access and SQL Server

  • Our powerful user interfaces make it extremely use to work with our programs

  • Our solutions have been developed in such way that they can be deployed in your site in less than 10 minutes

  • You will save time and money by not having to develop and build these solutions by yourself
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All of our applications have been developed using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX.

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